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Things to Improve Your Time Stuck at Home!

I have put together a few resources to “get us out in the world again” albeit visually,broaden our perspectives, hone our skills and otherwise improve our mental and physical health.
Art and Theater:
There are so many resources available on our devises and TVs for streaming and watching including UTube, PBS, and more. Here are some opportunities to bring art back into your life.
Thought of auditing a class at a local university? These Ivy Leagues have 450 Classes you can take for free.
Improved Business Skills:
Remember thinking, “I wish I had the time to?” Invest, at no charge, in improving your business skills, planning, and preparing for the future.
Get Domestic:
Stuck in the house? Make the most of it.
For Your Kids:
There is no lack on resources available online to assist families with continuing their children’s education and keeping them creatively occupied while being isolated and out of school. The following is just a few resources of the thousands that can be explored.
For Your Physical and Mental Health:
Let’s get in shape physically and mentally!
For Your Pets:
Keep yourself and your pet occupied with a little behavior training