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5 year Fixed Mortgage – A New Trend?

5 year fixed mortgage could be a new solution to those who want to avoid long-term loans. As traditional lenders advertise 30, 15, or 10-year mortgages, the new idea has been emerging in the credit union industry – it is a 5 year fixed mortgage. While banks and mortgage companies are limited by the laws and government regulations, credit unions are less tied up by these limitations and thus less restrictive.

5 year fixed mortgage would definitely have higher payments due to the shorter duration of the loan but it will ultimately help the homeowners to become debt-free in a very short period of time. It is something people nearing retirement might consider as well as the empty-nesters and those younger buyers who do not want to carry the burden of the loan for a long period of time. Not only will the buyers become debt-free in a short period of time, they will also pay only a fraction of the interest that accumulates on traditional 30 or 15-year loans.

Here is an example of total cost of the loan based on its duration in years: $150,000 mortgage at five percent would cost you a total of $289,883 in principal and interest on a 30-year-loan to pay it off, which comes pretty close to double the amount of the original cost of your home. When paid over 15 years, the total cost would amount to $213,514. If you paid it off in five years, the total cost would be $169,841. As you can see, it is only a little bit more than the original loan amount. The difference of course becomes bigger and bigger as the loan amount increases.

Additional advantage of the 5 year fixed mortgage is that, in general, the lower the term, in years, the lower the interest rate is which adds up to the total savings. It is also a great option for anyone who can afford to make the higher monthly payments. Refinancing to a shorter term is a great option for someone who’s been in a house a few years already or for people who have higher interest rates. It is also a great option for those who are conservative investor and would rather pay off their home mortgage and use the extra cash toward other investments. You should, however, take into account your current financial situation, and if, or how, the higher payment might affect your lifestyle.

It might not, however, be the best option for those who struggling financially or who have multitude of other financial obligations. There is an argument that you might be better off with a longer term loan because it will free up more money every month for other investments. If you can find a better investment that would give you a good rate of return it could be a viable option. There are, however, few investments that would either offer a good rate of return or come with any guarantees. Lower mortgage interest rate that comes with a shorter mortgage term is a sure thing, at least for the time being, so a 5 year fixed mortgage could be a thing to consider.