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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning is a way to demonstrate pride in ownership (or rentership). A home and its contents are investments; money spent on something you really love or really need (ideally both). When you take the time to clean thoroughly and properly, you can maintain and prolong the life of the item or finish for years. Further, it means you live in a cleaner and healthier home; less dust, dust mites, allergens, odors, and dirt.

Always start from the top and work your way down. Think about it like this: dust falls down (like rain or snow) so if you start at the top, you’ll never have to re-clean a surface (which is a time waster). It doesn’t make sense to clean the floors first and then dust the tabletops; you’ll just have to clean the floors again. Use gravity to your benefit and always work from top to bottom. It also helps you not miss anything!

General Spring Cleaning Tasks

These are a list of some of the things that need to be done around the house, and spring is a great time to do them. So often we don’t remember to do them, so let this be your wake-up call!

Tests and replacements:

Test smoke alarm

Test carbon monoxide alarm

Check flashlight batteries

Check fire extinguishers

Change air filters

Check all window screens for tears and repair or replace as required

Check every light switch plate, socket cover and door knob in the house (while you are at it, clean off all dirt and prints)

Other considerations:

Consider stripping, buffing or waxing floors (depending on the type of floor you have)

Consider having your outside windows professional cleaned (if a condo does not take care of this)

Consider having your ducts cleaned, should be done once every 5 years

Consider cleaning your BBQ and patio furniture to prepare for the upcoming warmer weather

Overall Spring Cleaning Chores:

Dust crown molding and baseboards and clean scuff marks

Dust ceiling corners

Dust/wash light fixtures and lamps

Dust ceiling fans

Wipe down doors and walls (Swiffer works great for removing all the dust)

Touch up paint

Vacuum or wash/dry clean window curtains and bedding

Wash or dust window blinds

Wash windows and screens inside and out

Dust books and bookcases

Polish wood furniture

Wipe down and vacuum furniture (clean the base and under cushions)

Condition leather furniture

Remove stains from upholstered furniture

Vacuum and wash lampshades

Deep clean hardwood, tile, linoleum, and carpet flooring

Shampoo carpet (DIY or schedule a professional)

Remove area rugs to shake out, then vacuum, then clean under them

Clean air vents

Dust around and BEHIND mirrors, picture frames, and wall hangings

Schedule chimney sweep

Schedule termite or pest control maintenance

Spring Clean Outside:

Sweep deck

Power wash deck

Stain deck

Power spray siding

Touch up paint trim, wood, doors, and shutters

Oil hurricane shutters

Power wash garage door and eaves of house

Clean outside door frames

Wipe away cobwebs

Shake out entry mat

Clean grill

Clean and repair gutters

Replace broken bricks, wood, or stone

Clean outdoor light fixtures

Clean outside patio furniture

Trim trees, bushes and shrubbery

Check and repair sprinklers

Inspect roof shingles

Clean outdoor and indoor trash cans

Clean out garage and sweep

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