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Buyer Representation – Exclusive Buyer’s Agent

Hiring a professional Exclusive Buyer’s Agent will save you time, money and stress. Exclusive Buyer’s Agents can do what traditional real estate agents, who work for the Seller, can’t… they can use all the information regarding comparable properties, seller’s motivation, property defects and deficiencies to help you negotiate the best possible selling price.

Using an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent:

Exclusive Buyer’s Agents are skilled real estate professionals who choose to work for buyers. A top Buyer’s Agent is your full-time advocate, researcher, advisor, negotiator and local community expert. The job of an Exclusive  Buyer’s Agent is to acquaint you with the community, answer your questions, help you decide on your home selection criteria and locate the home that best suites your needs at a fair market value.

Unlike most real estate professionals, Exclusive Buyer’s Agents have no loyalty or fiduciary responsibility to any home seller; they do not accept listings. Exclusive Buyer’s agents exclusively represent the homebuyer and their best interests. Hiring an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent eliminates any conflicts between the seller’s and buyer’s representation.

Services/Duties Provided to Buyers Transaction Broker Buyer Agent
Assist with financing x x
Provide property data x x
Explain forms/agreements x x
Monitor closing details x x
Represent buyers on MLS listed properties PLUS bank propreties, auctions, FSBOs, new construction x
Prepare property value study x
Promote and protect buyer’s interest AT ALL TIMES x
Advise the buyer even if it means pointing out reasons not to buy x
Disclose all research about property history and liens x
Always structure offer with buyer’s best interest in mind x
Negotiate in favor of buyer for best price and terms x
Keep buyer’s financial capabilities confidential unless authorized to disclose x