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America’s Top Places to Live for 2010

RISMEDIA, May 5, 2010 The three most important things to remember when moving and buying a new home are: location, location, location. As potential home buyers start looking for new homes,, a leading website in providing relocating consumers access to resources for their upcoming relocation, has released its 13th annual list of America’s Top Places to Live for 2010.

The Top Places to Live list features several breakout categories such as the Top 10 Recovery Cities, Retirement Cities, Earth Friendly Cities, Recreation Cities and Small Towns.

New for this year, the Top 10 Recovery Cities focused on areas poised for swift economic recovery. Many of these communities did not see the massive real estate bubble that formed in other areas and have a more diverse economy.

To be considered for the list, a community is nominated at From the thousands of submissions,’s editorial team reviews the nominations and selects the top places to live, as well as the Top 10 for each smaller category, based on interviews with local leaders; feedback from residents; and economic, environmental, education, crime, employment and housing data for the past year.

Given the tough economic times our nation is facing, home buyers have re-evaluated their priorities and are looking to relocate to communities that offer plenty of perks, but minimal hassle and cost, said Peter Meyers, Vice President, Research and Content Development, at While some cities are facing a road to recovery that could take years, others are poised for a quick rebound and already have seen growth. We wanted to highlight those cities that are on the road back to economic health.

Top 10 Overall Cities:

1. Huntsville, AL
2. Washington, DC
3. Austin, TX
4. San Diego, CA
5. San Antonio, TX
6. Tulsa, OK
7. Charlotte, NC
8. Raleigh, NC
9. Boulder, CO
10. Minneapolis, MN

Top 10 Recovery Cities:

1. Huntsville, AL
2. Austin, TX
3. Las Cruces, NM
4. Washington, DC
5. San Antonio, TX
6. McAllen, TX
7. Billings, MT
8. Albuquerque, NM
9. Everett, WA
10. Boulder, CO

Top 10 Retirement Cities:

1. Ashville, NC
2. Bella Vista, AR
3. Green Valley, AZ
4. Sarasota, FL
5. Prescott, AZ
6. Tampa, FL
7. Greenville, SC
8. San Antonio, TX
9. Hot Springs Village, AR
10. Colorado Springs, CO

Top 10 Earth Friendly Cities:

1. Portland, OR
2. Boston, MA
3. Madison, WI
4. Boulder, CO
5. Austin, TX
6. Chicago, IL
7. Minneapolis, MN
8. Fort Worth, TX
9. Ann Arbor, MI
10. Huntsville, AL

Top 10 Recreation Cities:

1. Boulder, CO
2. Santa Cruz, CA
3. Flagstaff, AZ
4. St. George, UT
5. Ithaca, NY
6. Corvallis, OR
7. Salt Lake City, UT
8. Stevens Point, WI
9. Wilmington, NC
10. Portland, OR

Top 10 Small Towns (<40K pop.):

1. Grinnell, IA
2. St. Augustine, FL
3. Fairhope, AL
4. Stillwater, MN
5. Summit, NJ
6. Ashland, OR
7. Batavia, IL
8. Ithaca, NY
9. Peachtree City, GA
10. Trumbull, CT

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