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Burnsville, NC


Burnsville , NC is located in the shadow of Mount Mitchell, which has the highest elevations east of the Mississippi River.

Burnsville, NC is located 35 miles northeast of Asheville, along the Mt. Mitchell Scenic Byway.

Many love to drive around to find the area’s 200 Quilt Blocks installed on the sides of barns and buildings throughout the countryside and villages. Nine driving trails take you to view the vividly painted squares. In downtown Burnsville, NC , see the Quilt Block Sundial, the largest vertical sundial in North Carolina and the only quilt block sundial in the world, on the side of the Yancey Common Times Journal building near the Town Square. The eight-foot by eight-foot wooden structure features three sets of numbers for telling time: for daylight savings time, for standard time and one for local apparent time. A plaque beside the block explains how to use the sundial.

The famous art school, Penland School of Crafts, is just 13 miles east of Burnsville, NC. The Parkway Playhouse in Burnsville, NC is a small professional theatre with shows from April through December. Most are classic and favorites from Broadway with paid and volunteer cast. They are Locally Grown North Carolina Theatre.