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Emergency Supplies for Quarantine or Hurricane

Emergency Supplies
June 19, 2020
Emergency Supplies that you can buy now and be prepared for any emergency in the next few months.  COVID-19 cases are increasing and there may be a need for you to self-quarantine for a period of weeks. We are also in the summer months frequently occurring natural disasters—a flood, hurricane, tornado, fires, and more—and they often come with little or no warning.  There are already known shortages of items in the stores and with the onset of a hurricane warming the shelves will soon be bare. Stocking up now on…
Covid-19 and Refi
June 4, 2020
Rates are lower than ever; when a refinancing is done right, it can save you thousands of dollars. But not every potential refi makes the cut. Sometimes the expenses just don’t justify the potential savings. It is time to refinance your home mortgage if the terms lower your mortgage interest rate, pay off their mortgage years earlier, or saves thousands in interest over the life of the loan. You can save serious money by refinancing your mortgage. But due to refinancing fees and expenses, not every refi makes financial sense. COVID-19 is…
COVID-19 Risk Chart
May 24, 2020
Since COVID-19  lock downs began in the US, most Americans have drastically changed their patterns: following instructions to stay home, limiting almost all contact with others, and venturing out only for essential trips and exercise. Americans are getting tired of staying inside. All states have re-opened at different levels. As states begin to ease social distancing restrictions, people are beginning to have more options. Between those wanting to patronize newly reopened businesses or socialize in person, and more employers calling people back to work. The safest thing anyone can…
Furniture Arranging
May 17, 2020
Planning the arrangement of furniture is hard enough when you are buying new furniture to fill a house for the first time. It becomes even more challenging when you are moving a houseful of furniture from an existing home into a new space. It may take a while to get a feel for the new space and figure out how to make the rooms both comfortable and functional. And you need to be ready to rearrange, get rid of pieces that don’t fit, and perhaps purchase new items…
Pets and Covid-19
May 7, 2020
  Pets are an important part of our family, and one of the bright spots in the stay-at-home mandates due to COVID-19  is that we get to spend more time with them. The pets of the world are probably delighted with that aspect of the current crisis. Understandably, many owners have questions about their pet’s susceptibility to COVID-19 and how it might affect their personal health. Just as medical experts are learning more each day about how the new coronavirus, COVID-19, impacts the health of humans, they’re also studying its…