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Arden, NC


The unincorporated town of Arden, NC is in the Asheville area, no more than a 20-minute drive south of Downtown. Formerly known as Shufordsville, the town is a charming suburban community with a relaxed rural atmosphere that is located in close proximity to great outdoor recreational hotspots as well as topnotch schools.

Located north of Fletcher and the Asheville Regional Airport, it is right by Lake Julian and is minutes away from the northeastern reaches of the vast Nantahala National Forest. The mountain towns of Hendersonville and Flat Rock are also no more than a short drive away.

Quick Facts

  • Arden, NC has two river parks namely Corcoran River Park and Glen Bridge River Park, where visitors can enjoy various facilities like grills and picnic tables as well as access to the river.
  • Arden, NC has three public K-12 schools that are managed by the Buncombe County Schools School District, and two K-12 private schools. There are 11 preschools in the area, and a total of 4 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and 2 high schools. One of Arden’s outstanding public schools is Glen Arden Elementary, which is considered to be a school of excellence and has been highly regarded for its exemplary academics.
  • One of the community’s famous landmarks is the Blake House, a historic home built during the 1850’s in the Gothic Revival architectural style prevalent at the time. It was registered on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Arden, NC

The housing market in Arden, North Carolina is predominantly composed of single-family detached homes, though you’ll also find some duplexes and townhomes in the area. The area is populated mostly with spacious, custom-built homes, among the most highly valued of which you’ll find in The Cliffs at Walnut Cove, the only private, gated golf course community in the immediate Asheville area.

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